Collect the elasticsearch stats for the local node.

Supports multiple instances. When using the 'instances' parameter the instance alias will be appended to the 'path' parameter.


  • urlib2


Setting Default Description Type
byte_unit byte Default numeric output(s) str
cluster False cluster/node/shard health bool
enabled False Enable collecting these metrics bool
host str
instances , List of instances. When set this overrides the 'host' and 'port' settings. Instance format: instance [@][:] list
logstash_mode False If 'indices' stats are gathered, remove the YYYY.MM.DD suffix from the index name (e.g. logstash-adm-syslog-2014.01.03) and use that as a bucket for all 'day' index stats. bool
measure_collector_time False Collect the collector run time in ms bool
metrics_blacklist None Regex to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelist NoneType
metrics_whitelist None Regex to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklist NoneType
password Password for Basic/Shield auth str
port 9200 int
scheme http http (default) or https str
stats jvm, thread_pool, indices, Available stats:
- jvm (JVM information)
- thread_pool (Thread pool information)
- indices (Individual index stats)
user Username for Basic/Shield auth str

Example Output

servers.hostname.elasticsearch.cache.filter.evictions 9
servers.hostname.elasticsearch.cache.filter.size 1700
servers.hostname.elasticsearch.cache.id.size 98
servers.hostname.elasticsearch.fielddata.evictions 12
servers.hostname.elasticsearch.fielddata.size 1448