Collects metrics from a mesos instance. By default, the collector is set up to query the mesos-master via port 5050. Set the port to 5051 for mesos-agent.

Example Configuration

host = localhost
port = 5050


  • urlib2


Setting Default Description Type
byte_unit byte Default numeric output(s) str
enabled False Enable collecting these metrics bool
host localhost Hostname, using http scheme by default. For https pass e.g. "https://localhost" str
master True True if host is master (default is True). bool
measure_collector_time False Collect the collector run time in ms bool
metrics_blacklist None Regex to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelist NoneType
metrics_whitelist None Regex to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklist NoneType
port 5050 Port (default is 5050; set to 5051 for mesos-agent) int

Example Output