Send metrics to a Statsite using the default interface.


This is a stats aggregation server. Statsite is based heavily on Etsy's StatsD. This is a re-implementation of the Python version of statsite.


  • Basic key/value metrics
  • Send timer data, statsite will calculate:
  • Mean
  • Min/Max
  • Standard deviation
  • Median, Percentile 95, Percentile 99
  • Send counters that statsite will aggregate


Statsite is designed to be both highly performant, and very flexible. To achieve this, it implements the stats collection and aggregation in pure C, using libev to be extremely fast. This allows it to handle hundreds of connections, and millions of metrics. After each flush interval expires, statsite performs a fork/exec to start a new stream handler invoking a specified application. Statsite then streams the aggregated metrics over stdin to the application, which is free to handle the metrics as it sees fit.

This allows statsite to aggregate metrics and then ship metrics to any number of sinks (Graphite, SQL databases, etc). There is an included Python script that ships metrics to graphite.

Additionally, statsite tries to minimize memory usage by not storing all the metrics that are received. Counter values are aggregated as they are received, and timer values are stored and aggregated using the Cormode-Muthurkrishnan algorithm from "Effective Computation of Biased Quantiles over Data Streams". This means that the percentile values are not perfectly accurate, and are subject to a specifiable error epsilon. This allows us to store only a fraction of the samples.


Setting Default Description Type
get_default_config_help get_default_config_help
host str
server_error_interval 120 How frequently to send repeated server errors int
tcpport 1234 int
timeout 5 int
udpport 1234 int