Hosted Graphite is the powerful open-source application metrics system used by hundreds of companies. We take away the headaches of scaling, maintenance, and upgrades and let you do what you do best - write great software.


Enable this handler

  • handlers = diamond.handler.hostedgraphite.HostedGraphiteHandler,

  • apikey = API_KEY


Setting Default Description Type
apikey Api key to use str
batch 1 How many to store before sending to the graphite server int
get_default_config_help get_default_config_help
host Hostname str
max_backlog_multiplier 5 how many batches to store before trimming int
port 2003 Port int
proto tcp udp or tcp str
server_error_interval 120 How frequently to send repeated server errors int
timeout 15 int
trim_backlog_multiplier 4 Trim down how many batches int