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Setting Default Description Type
apikey Librato API key str
apply_metric_prefix False Allow diamond to apply metric prefix bool
get_default_config_help get_default_config_help
include_filters ^.*, A list of regex patterns. Only measurements whose path matches a filter will be submitted. Useful for limiting usage to only desired measurements, e.g. "^diskspace\..*\.byte_avail$", "^loadavg\.01" or "^sockets\.", (note trailing comma to indicate a list) list
queue_max_interval 60 Max seconds to wait before submitting. For best behavior, be sure your highest collector poll interval is lower than or equal to the queue_max_interval setting. int
queue_max_size 300 Max measurements to queue before submitting int
server_error_interval 120 How frequently to send repeated server errors int
user Librato username str