Send metrics to signalfx


  • urllib2


Enable this handler

  • handlers = diamond.handler.signalfx.SignalfxHandler

  • auth_token = SIGNALFX_AUTH_TOKEN

  • batch_size = [optional | 300 ] will wait for this many requests before posting
  • filter_metrics_regex = [optional] comma separated list of collector:regex to limit metrics sent to signalfx, default is to send everything
  • url = [optional |] where to send metrics


Setting Default Description Type
auth_token Org API token to use when sending metrics str
batch 300 How many to store before sending int
filter_metrics_regex Comma Separated collector:regex filters str
get_default_config_help get_default_config_help
server_error_interval 120 How frequently to send repeated server errors int
url Where to send metrics str