The ELB collector collects metrics for one or more Amazon AWS ELBs


Below is an example configuration for the ELBCollector. You can specify an arbitrary amount of regions

    enabled = true
    interval = 60

    # Optional
    access_key_id = ...
    secret_access_key = ...

    # Optional - Available keys: region, zone, elb_name, metric_name
    format = $elb_name.$zone.$metric_name

    # Optional - list of regular expressions used to ignore ELBs
    elbs_ignored = ^elb-a$, .*-test$, $test-.*


    # Optional - queries all elbs if omitted
    elb_names = elb1, elb2, ...



  • boto


Setting Default Description Type
byte_unit byte Default numeric output(s) str
enabled False Enable collecting these metrics bool
measure_collector_time False Collect the collector run time in ms bool
metrics_blacklist None Regex to match metrics to block. Mutually exclusive with metrics_whitelist NoneType
metrics_whitelist None Regex to match metrics to transmit. Mutually exclusive with metrics_blacklist NoneType

Example Output